Okatent History

OKATENT is a Spanish company with worldwide presence, focused on the manufacturing and distribution of folding tents, modular pavilions and textile architecture, controlling its products production from the first sketch to the final sale. The company has grown steadily thanks to the commitment of the brand with quality and R&D.

Being manufacturers allows us to adapt to the customer demands, optimize the product useful life and offer advantages over other companies in the sector.

Since its founding in 2005, Okatent has worked focused on serving large suppliers of folding tents and pavilions, offering competitive advantages in terms of quality and price of their products.

Okatent Philosophy


Okatent collaborates with every type of companies. We are proud to be part of the organization of events of some of the most important companies on the market. Their confidence reinforces and validates the quality of our products and services.

These are some of the large list of brands and companies we have worked with and are still working with. We also take this opportunity to thank not only companies that are shown in this section, but also all the brands and companies we work with, for their
confidence in us.

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