Tennis ball

Paddle and tennis Covered Courts

Your paddle courts will be opened the whole year.

Pavilions to cover
Paddle and Tennis courts

Modular structures without central pillars, special for racket sports.


Advantages of the Okatent paddle and tennis covers.


For few drops or rainstorm

With a cover, you can play without worrying about weather inclemency. In addition, the integrated illuminating system allows the lighting up of the courts when it is cloudy or dark.


Dazzle without dazzling you

The design of the covers and laterals allow playing with natural light without handicapping the tennis players. In addition, avoids the excessive heating of the paddle court.


Make the wind be always at your back

Our structures have different kind of lateral closures, canvas, sheet or microdrilled tissue, to avoid the wind interrupting the match.


Kinds of pavilions for
Paddle and Tennis

Curved Pavilion to cover individual or multiple courts.

Pavilion for 1 court or more.

Structure to cover individual padel courts, with a lightweight design for easy installation without damaging the tennis or padel court.

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Polygonal pavilion to cover more than 2 courts.

Pavilion for 2 courts or more.

Pavilions with a robust design that allows reaching great heights and covers multiple courts quickly and efficiently.

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Vault structure to cover 4 or more courts of great dimensions.

ARENA structure to cover 4 or more courts.

Special large format covers with custom design of high resistance, perfect to cover more than 4 padel or tennis courts regardless of the dimensions.

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