Manufacture of folding tents, removable pavilions and stretched covers.
Protection and warehousing solutions, with textile structures adapted to the client’s needs.


Okatent products


Aluminum structures with textile membrane cover, removable and expandable by modules. Perfect for warehousing.


Fixed tents with aluminum profiles and cover with decorative textile membrane. Perfect for events, hotel and catering industry.



Folding tents with easy opening and set up with a catalogue which offers various models and prices. Perfect for professional use.


Textile architecture:

Tensostructures with customized format and textile membrane cover. Perfect to cover urban spaces and playgrounds.


  • High resistance structures
  • Permanent or temporary use
  • Very quick set up and without building permit
  • Perfect for warehousing, sports and events use
  • Expandable in a modular way
  • We have all the accessories available

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  • Permanent or temporary tents
  • Set up in 30 minutes
  • Perfect for events
  • With inside decorations possibility
  • Sizes adaptable to your needs

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  • Folding tents
  • Set up in 45 seconds
  • Perfect for professional use
  • Aluminum profiles
  • It is 100% compatible with labeling
  • After-sales service

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Textile architecture:

  • Textile structures
  • Designed according to project
  • Perfect to cover outdoors spaces
  • Free style design

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We manufacture tailor-made solutions for each client

Manufacture, design and sale of folding tents, removable pavilions and stretched covers. Sun protection solutions for warehousing, fixed covers for sports facilities with textile structures adapted to any space.

Textile covers for


Protect your business from weather

The Austral pavilions for industrial use and warehousing are one of the most successful products from Okatent. These structure types are recommended especially for different sectors like wind energy, construction, chemical industry, warehouses, etc.


Set up your tent in 45”

Tents and pagodas for professional or private events are the perfect product for brief events, fairs, street markets oriented to PR teams, marketing departments, musical concert organizing and every kind of outside uses.


Practice sport all year

Tents and pavilions to cover in a quick and dynamic way every type of sporting events. Removable Austral pavilions are perfect to cover paddle, hockey, basketball, swimming and indoor soccer fields and every type of sports played in covered spaces.

Hotel industry

Increase spaces immediately

Austral pavilions for catering use is a segment that we design for the hotel and food service industry markets, especially restaurants, hotels and caterers. Our tents and pavilions offer various customization forms and accessories perfect for the hotel industry world.


Tents that can save lives

Okatent offers a tent and specific pavilions catalogue dedicated to civil protection and rescue areas, defense works, provisional hospitals, hangars and every type of special situations which require a solid cabin, safe and practical, for surrounding urgency dynamics.


Tents with very competitive prices

Folding tents to promote and customize every type of motor competition. Perfect for celebration of competition vehicle events, championship, garage, paddock, stands, exhibitions or fairs related with motors.

Clients we work with

We study and work each order in a customized way and adapt to our clients. That’s why everyday from big brands to private clients trust us. Thank you very much!


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